The Tragedy of the Commons Begins!

As I discovered through today’s Irish Times, “one of the lesser known perks given to those awarded the Freedom of Dublin is the right to graze sheep on St Stephen’s Green without any charge”.

So, from now on when I get to the tragedy of the commons in an intro lecture I can begin with Mother Theresa, Bono, Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan were grazing their sheep on Stephen’s Green…

By the way, Freedom of Dublin award winners also have some responsibilities including:

– Freemen/women must be ready to defend the city of Dublin from attack
– A law was passed in 1454 states that freemen/women must own a bow, a coat of mail, a helmet and a sword.

So, the next time you’re at the Clarence Hotel and run into Bono make sure he has his coat of mail and bow with him. It’s his duty!


3 responses to “The Tragedy of the Commons Begins!

  1. If you’re a scholar of Trinity, you can demand a glass of port during an exam. But only if you wear your sword.

  2. Is that common?

    I can imagine that booze and a weapon must keep the invigilators on their toes.

    I should be warned now so that when I’m teaching next year I won’t react badly to the sight of an armed undergrad.

  3. Staff are rarely beheaded.

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