I’m obsessed with these posters

I recognize that my fascination with these things is bordering on the absurd, but I just can’t help it. They’re awful and they’re spreading to the other parties.

Try not to make eye contact with Mr. Ryan it may provoke him…



7 responses to “I’m obsessed with these posters

  1. Did you see the poster for local candidate Seamus O’Neill (might have his name wrong) – the first poster I actually like :) … So maybe they have one political candidate who can actually think outside the box? :)

  2. We probably shouldn’t let that get out or the party may force him to take them down…

  3. That’s a new one on me.
    Is it real?

  4. It’s real poster, but not a real candidate, though apparently he has been out ‘campaigning’. Not sure about these two:


  5. Sadly the two I posted above are real candidates and real posters… Depressing!

    Bracken also has a campaign song: http://www.irishelection.com/05/john-bracken-is-back-and-there-are-new-songs/

  6. The Bracken poster is hilarious! And the song is equal to it.

    Do we know what he stands for?
    Do we care?
    Could the fro possible be real?

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