Googling for R help got you down?

Ah, the fun of using general search engines (like the Goog) to find R help can be a real…adventure. But have no fear there are better ways to get the info you need!

1. Within R itself is the handy RSiteSearch() function that opens a web browser and sends your request to the r-project search page.

2. Various specialty search sites have been popping up all over the place. So far, I’ve been particularly pleased with

3. I haven’t used it but is supposed to do a similar type thing.

So, there you have it, no more excuses, let SPSS go.

(All credit once again to the various contributors on the R-help mailing list, especially Richard Cotton and Ian Fiske)


One response to “Googling for R help got you down?

  1. I once had to do an essay on the semantics of the words “of” and “very”. Try googling that…

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