Specific Geekery

So, you’d like to do some quantitative analyses…

1. Use whatever you feel comfortable with (Excel, SPSS, STATA).

OR, for the ambitious and not easily frightened…

1. Install “R” (The R Project for Statistical Computing).
2. Install an easy-to-use, GUI front-end for R such as Rstudio .

So, you’d like to try some Bayesian analyses…

1. Install JAGS aka “Just Another Gibbs Sampler”
2. Add the R packages specified by the JAGS documentation to enable it.

So, you’d like to try linux…

1. The safe route: Ubuntu is commonly considered a nice intro to the wonder that is linux.
2. The advanced route: Move on to a custom setup via Arch (The Arch Way v2.0: Simple, Elegant, Versatile & Expedient).
3. The old school route: Drop the desktop and adopt a simple WM like xmonad.

So, you’d like to try LaTex…

1. Add TeX Live to your linux install.
2. Don’t forget Beamer for your presentation slides.