Papers and Data

2021. “The Elusive Governance of Climate Change: Nationally Determined Contributions as Commitments and Negotiating Positions.” Global Environmental Politics. 21 (2): 73–98. (with R. Thomson)
Replication files on Harvard Dataverse (including appendix)

2016. “Greener Governments: Partisan Ideologies, Executive Institutions and Environmental Policies.” Environmental Politics. 25 (4): 633-660. (with R. Thomson)
Replication files on Harvard Dataverse (including appendix)

2014. “Testing Models of Legislative Decision-making with Measurement Error: The Robust Predictive Power of Bargaining Models Over Procedural Models.”  European Union Politics. 15 (1): 43-58. (with R. Thomson)
Replication files on Harvard Dataverse


Jensen, Nathan, Justin Leinaweaver and René Lindstädt. “Policy Diffusion or Insulation?: Global Policy Choices and American Public Opinion.”

Leinaweaver, Justin. “Environmental Treaty Ratification: Treaty Design, Domestic Politics and International Incentives.”

Leinaweaver, Justin. “The Weight and Appeal of Environmental Treaty Signature.” (The State Executive’s Signature of Environmental  Treaties: Ego and the International Community)

Leinaweaver, Justin. “The Marketing of Environmental Treaties: Non-Binding Signature as Information and Visibility.”

Leinaweaver, Justin. “Autocratic Ratification: Environmental Cooperation to Prolong Survival.”

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